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Hey in this video .

I’m gonna show you how to install and set up bloom now once you have you know purchased bloom you would have received an email with the members area details you just simply log in to the members area download the plug-in come over to your WordPress admin go over to plugins add new then hit the upload plug-in button locate and choose the plug-in file you just downloaded click on install now once it’s installed you just click on activate plugin and now let’s head over to blue now what you need here is the YouTube API key which will help you fetch the videos and convert them into posts right now to do that you need to go to write so you need to go to console dot as you can see right here console the if you don’t already have an account you can just simply sign up with one click I’m gonna go ahead and create a new project for this demonstration when I add new name and now what we have to do is that we have to enable the YouTube data API right so let me just first go to this project now I’m gonna go in and go in library I’m going to search for YouTube and we are looking for the data API version 3 right we’re going to click here and we enable this now once this is enable you go over to credentials and click on create credentials API key give it a second and there you have your API key now I’m gonna go back in bloom and paste this paste it and hit the Update button and as you can see we have the you know videos right here now so that’s exactly how you set up bloom see you in the next video

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Hey in this video