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Dear Ingolf Ruge,
You are successfully registered on our site Megasuite.in. Below is the username and password for logging in to megasuite.
Username – teletrend@googlemail.com
Password – GwUmaJKi;  neu alle03621
Hey Ingolf
Congratulations on securing your access to Megasuite.
We are very excited to have you here and indeed, you would be getting the best of our services.
I hope you are ready to start importing our incredible assets into your dfy marketplace.
As our customer, I would like to give you a secret offer that isn’t available to the public.
Once the launch is over the special deals available to get Megasuite’s upgrades will be deactivated so I’d recommend you take advantage of this limited offer.
Just in case you missed out, I will quickly do a brief summary of each of the upgrades;
Upgrade 1: ($147 or $97/Year) MegaSuite Marketplace Unlimited – This unlimited version of Megasuite lifts all account restrictions and also gives you access to unlimited marketplaces, unlimited sales, telegram integration, custom domain for your marketplace, unlimited email opt-ins, unlock dozens of payment options and there’s more.
🔴Important Note: In all our past launches we’ve always offered the unlimited package to customers on annual subscriptions but this time around I think we’ve lost our mind because there is a special deal to get the unlimited package for a one-time payment instead of paying annually and the thing is if you don’t act now once the launch is over we will take it back to an annual subscription.
Upgrade 2: Megasuite Marketplace Production – This upgrade gives you access to Megasuite’s pro version which provides users with extra features such as; image editor, more HD videos, music generator, 100+ high-converting marketing video templates, bg remover, 6-in-1 solid tools in 1 beautiful intuitive dashboard and so much more.
Upgrade 3: Megasuite Template Club – With this upgrade, 100 freshly updated assets will be delivered to you monthly. Our team will the extra mile to create new assets like; logo reveals, video templates, graphic templates, music, and sound effects, html/wordpress pages, PowerPoint presentation, characters, animations & poses, as well as explainer video templates that match the latest trends after conducting in-depth research.
Upgrade 4: Megasuite Reseller – You will get access to a co-ownership right to sell Megasuite as your own and make recurring passive inc0me. Also, you will be able to sell the FE account to your clients without any hassle.
Upgrade 5: Megasuite Max Consult – Get instant access to 100 best-selling done-for-you agencies in the most pr0fitable niches + high converting cinematic-style marketing videos for each of these businesses with this upgrade.
Believe me, you will get 10X supercharged and if you claim your access to any of the upgrades now you are going to get a $2 discount which is available for the upgrades.
Megasuite’s unlimited upgrade will be annual subscription based once the launch is over and every other upgrade’s price will skyrocket.
I’d recommend you take advantage of this crazy deal because it will only be available for a limited time.
Please do not hesitate to contact support for further inquiries and you can also visit our help article.
Cheers To More Success
Deepanker & Steve